TTMJ Software is a wholly owned division of Todd, Michael & James, Inc. We develop and sell a variety of software products, apps, and other related ecommerce items. TMJ has been selling products on the internet since 2001. Our products have been sold into more than 140 countries around the world. We are rate A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Below is a partial listing of some of our products:

Song Surgeon

Song Surgeon is classified as an audio slow downer, but it does much more. Customers who own Song Surgeon and other high end audio editing/recording software (think of Cubase, ProTools, etc) that it changes key and tempo flawlessly with quality equal to or better than the high end gear they own. On opening a file, it will automatically analyze and determine the key, tempo and chord values found in a song. At last count we had musicians that play more than 40 different instruments represented in our customer base. Song Surgeon is used in both practice and performance setting. Entering its 11th year, Song Surgeon has become a tremendous hit in more than 120 countries across the world and is loved by musicians, transcribers, voice over artists, dancers, recording industry professionals, teachers and students.

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Song Surgeon Customer Key and Tempo Service

Song Surgeon provides a $7 service for those that need only a few songs worked and don’t want to spend the time or money on new software. Our custom key and tempo service allows you to send us a single file, with instructions for key and/or tempo change and we’ll do it for you.

Free Online Key and Tempo Service

For the do-it-yourselfers out there, Song Surgeon offers a free online service for changing the key and tempo of songs. It has certain limitations and restrictions now found in our paid service, but for a basic key or tempo change on one or a few songs, it might be just our ticket.

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Song Surgeon Trainer

The Song Surgeon Trainer mobile app takes some of the features found in our powerful desktop applications and makes them available for your Android or iOS devices. The SS Trainer mobile app will be distributed FREE. It will have basic key tempo, and looping features. It does not have the more advanced features of found in the desktop version of Song Surgeon.

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Video Surgeon

Video Surgeon is a video analysis software program that enables users to perform video slow motion, zooming, repetitive playback of segments and even do frame-by-frame analysis. Anyone that uses video in their teaching, training, instructions or lessons will find Video Surgeon to be an immensely valuable too.

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Audio Switch

Audio Switch is the first batch audio file converter geared toward the needs of musicians and audiophiles. It seamlessly handles the conversion of a group A/V files to a different output format, it provides detailed audio information, and it normalizes volume between files.

Audio Switch is being phased out and replaced by a newly updated product called Audio Surgeon found immediately below.

Audio Surgeon

Audio Surgeon is the new name (and new version) for what used to be Audio Switch. Audio Surgeon (AS) is an audio file management tool that employs batch processing to allow users to process large numbers of files in a single operation. Audio Surgeon works with most common standard audio file formats. It will also allow you to add video files, but it does not process and save in a video format. When Video files are added it will strip the audio channel and allow this data to be saved in any standard audio format.

Audio Surgeon is available in two models: Standard and Pro. The major differences are that Standard limits you to processing 5000 files or less in any single operation, it does not open (strip audio from video) and Standard does not change key or tempo, nor does it append to file names.

When a file is opened and analyzed in AS it will display the following information: File path, file name, file type, file size, length (minutes/seconds), ID3 Title, ID3 Artist, ID3 Album, ID3 Year, ID3 Comments, Frequency, Bit Depth, # of Channels, Volume, Track Gain/Loss, Tempo (Bpm) Key, CNS (Camelot number)

AS has the ability to change the key, tempo and loudness of a file. It can also append key or tempo values to the beginning or end of a file name. It can convert amongst different file formats. It can sort, filter and group files. It can locate duplicate files. And lastly it can automatically find, repair, or replace ID3 tags for audio files.

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Karaoke Surgeon

Karaoke Surgeon is a product designed specifically for Karaoke enthusiasts. It can open most standard karaoke file formats such as CDG, mp4, avi, mpg and vcd. This also includes the ability to rip from Karaoke CD/DVDs. It also changes key and/or tempo of these file while maintaining both audio and video channels. And, it will allow these changes to be saved permanently by creating a new file in any of the standard karaoke file formats. Unlike other Key changes, Karaoke Surgeon will preserve the lyrics or graphic contained in Karaoke file formats. It also allows users the flexibility to open, convert and save amongst any of the three file formats, viz. audio, video or karaoke.

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Download Surgeon

Download Surgeon is an audio and video downloader and recorder that runs on both Windows and Mac (OSx) machines. Download Surgeon allows you to grab any audio or any video from any website. It contains there direct downloading modules plus a screen recording module. Essentially, and audio or video file found on the internet, that you can play on your machine, can be captured by the Screen Recorder module. So if the direct downloading modules don’t work for a particular file or website, the fall back, SC module will. This allows you to use the entire world wide web as your own personal library of audio and video files.

Slide Trax

SlideTrax allows you to easily put together a video in seconds for easy uploading to sites like YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing sites. Simply select a photo for the background and add audio/any captions or text -- voila! You have your video. There is essentially no learning curve to this product and it acts as an efficient means of creating quick video content.

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