MJ Software is a wholly owned division of Todd, Michael & James, Inc. We develop and sell a variety of software products, apps, and other related ecommerce items. TMJ has been selling products on the internet since 2001. Our products have been sold into more than 114 countries around the world. We are rate A+ by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Below is a partial listing of some of our products:
Song Surgeon
Professional music slow down software, audio tempo and key changer software, audio transcription software, the perfect customized audio lessons creator software, call it what you may, but all of this - and a lot more - resides under the hood of Song Surgeon. Song Surgeon has become a tremendous hit in more than 100 countries across the world, loved by musicians, transcribers, voice over artists, dancers, recording industry professionals, teachers and students.

You can find most of that here: www.songsurgeon.com
Song Surgeon Trainer
Song Surgeon Trainer is our entry level desktop audio slow downer. It changes key and tempo, allows the creation of one looping area for repetitive playing, and has a 9 band EQ. All of these features can be applied real time. Trainer is a very inexpensive program that allows musician access to the power of slowing down and looping audio as a learning tool.

You can find most of that here: www.songsurgeon.com/SST/

Song Surgeon Trainer (Mobile App)
The Song Surgeon Trainer mobile app take some of the features found in our powerful desktop applications and makes them available for your Android or iOS devices. The SS Trainer mobile app will be distributed FREE. It will have basic key tempo, and looping features. It does not have the more advanced features of found in the desktop version of Song Surgeon.

You can find most of that here: www.songsurgeon.com/page/mobileapp.html
Video Surgeon
Video Surgeon is a video analysis software program that enables users to pefrom video slow motion, zooming, creating loops for repetitive playback and even do frame by frame analysis. Anyone that uses video in their teaching, training, instructions or lessons will find Video Surgeon to be an immensely valuable too.

You can find most of that here: www.videosurgeon.net

Audio Switch
Audio Switch is the first batch audio file converter geared toward the needs of musicians and audiophiles. Why do we say that? Because Audio Switch does things and provides information that other products don't. In addition to seamlessly handling the conversion of a group of A/V files to a different output format - which you would expect it to do Audio Switch also provides detailed audio information, converts the common video file formats to audio, and allows you to normalize volume between files.

You can find most of that here: www.audio-switch.net
Slide Trax
SlideTrax allows you to easily put together a video in seconds for easy uploading to sites like YouTube, Facebook and other video sharing sites. Simply select a photo for the background and add audio/any captions or text -- voila! You have your video. There is essentially no learning curve to this product and it acts as an efficient means of creating quick video content.

You can find most of that here: www.slidetrax.net
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